Sudognu is a command line sudoku solver and creator. Sudognu can display the logical steps it uses to find the solution. It can print four sudokus to a pdf page and it comes with example cgi scripts for integration into www sites.

Create four sudokus and print them to a pdf page
The sudokus will be assigned a difficulty rating from 'easy' to 'fiendish' .
'Easy', 'moderate' and 'hard' sudokus are solvable without guessing.

Explain solution steps for a sudoku
Please enter your sudoku as follows:
81 digits without empty space in between, line by line from top to bottom, empty fields as 0 (zero).
Example sudoku:

Print four sudokus to a pdf page
The text area below displays a few difficult sudokus with only 17 givens. Select an arbitrary number of sudokus (multiple selection by click and drag, "Control + left click" or "Shift + left click"). By pressing "Create pdf" the selected sudokus will be solved and rated before four of them will be written to a pdf page ready for printing.

© 2007-2009, Jens Baaran, Germany.